Matt LeBlanc slammed on Twitter over 'creepy' Emilia Clarke nude scene comment

Emilia Clarke has millions of fans across the globe, but she has one who might just be her biggest admirer: Matt LeBlanc.

However, his clear affection for the actress didn't sit too well with fans as he made a rather unseemly comment about her while on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards.

The two TV stars - famous for appearing in Game Of Thrones and Friends respectively - appeared on the red carpet at the event and were both interviewed at the same time by different E! hosts.

Matt LeBlanc and Emilia Clarke
Matt LeBlanc and Emilia Clarke at the Emmys (Jordan Strauss / AP/PA Images)

Emilia, 29, discussed a previous occasion on which they met and took a selfie, which left her incredibly excited due to being a huge Friends fan.

When asked by E! presenter Jason Kennedy who was the fan out of the two, she gushed: "I think I was definitely the fan."

Matt, 49, then played it cool as he revealed he actually knew who Emilia was when they had first met.

However, things got slightly awkward as he made a quip about wanting to see her naked on screen: "I saw the first season then fell out of touch with it and then I guess that was when she started getting naked."

The Joey Tribbiani actor referenced the scene in which her character Daenerys Targaryen emerged from flames while completely undressed.

He then added, somewhat awkwardly: "So I need to catch up."

Over on Twitter, fans at home watching the Emmys were slightly creeped out by Matt's comment, with many taking to the social networking site in shock. The word creepy was used a lot.

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