Everyone's imagining #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars

Star Wars fans have been tweeting some of the most hilarious lines you'll never hear in any of the films.

Star Wars characters
What line do you wish you'd heard? (Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

The comedy take on some of the best known films ever made has been trending on Twitter under #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars and some of the suggestions are genius.

One man had a different take on what Darth Vader might have been like as a father.

Another fan imagined the big fatherhood twist going in a completely different direction.

Maybe Han and Leia should have had the which-baby-names-wouldn't-work chat...

Someone decided this was a great opportunity to point out, for anyone who is still confused, that Star Wars is NOT the same as Star Trek.

This person had a point.

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