Luxury petrol station for the super rich

Luxury petrol station
Luxury petrol station

A luxury petrol station is hitting Greenwich, USA, before it rolls out worldwide. The Guess Corporation's gas station and convenience store for the rich will be called the 'GP Club'.

Being part of the GP Club isn't easy, as it requires a household net worth of at least $50 million, as well as an annual fee.

These luxury gas stations will be designed like mansions and some will feature a waterpark, steakhouse, sleeping suites, salon and 24-hour roadside service.

The cities next in line for the GP Club are Atlanta, Orlando and Beverly Hills.

According to PR Web these high end petrol stations are designed to be a 'home on the road' for members.

Those with access will be given platinum plated membership cards and they will be able to charge expenses to this and then receive a monthly bill.