How London Fashion Week could save you money

Ashish Catwalk - London Fashion Week 2016

London Fashion Week may make an enormous amount of difference to the fashion pack, but the rest of us couldn't care less. We're not the slightest bit bothered about what incredibly expensive and largely impractical items a handful of extraordinarily thin people are wearing to parade around in front of the rich and famous. It's hardly as if we're going to buy any of it. However, it's worth paying just a very small amount of attention - because we could save a fortune. says that around this time of year, people tend to be bulking up their winter wardrobe. It says it has already seen a 197% increase in searches for fashion this September. However, now is the time to start looking, because people can get the best bargains if they shop during London Fashion Week - which officially starts today.

Apparently, a third more fashion offers will go live between now and 22nd September than they did last week. It seems that the retailers have tied their calendars up with Fashion Week, so they are keen to make way for new lines, and sell off some of the early autumn and winter ranges.

A separate piece of research from Shop It To Me looked at the days of the week when online retailers were offering the best deals. They found that Mondays were best for smart trousers, Tuesdays for men's clothing in general, Wednesday for shoes and children's clothes, Thursday for handbags, Friday for accessories, Saturdays for underwear and coats, and Sundays for swimming costumes. It might therefore be worth waiting for the ideal day during London Fashion Week in order to snap up a bargain.

If you can wait even longer, however, you could stand to save even more. The stores will be desperate to get rid of their winter wear in January and February, to make room for their spring collections. This is point at which you could easily find 70% off the items you most need. The question is whether this balmy weather will continue for long enough, and whether you can reasonably make it to January in your old winter coat.

Made by Dave - new clothing line from Michael Barrymore
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Made by Dave - new clothing line from Michael Barrymore

Priced at £109, the collection features this polo shirt with contrast fabric edging.

One of a number of shirt's available from the site, this tailored shirt features a denim pocket and is priced at £139.00.

Handcrafted in Britain, this 100% Merino Wool jumper retails at £139.

This blue Nordic wax jacket is one of the most expensive items in the collection at £349.

The collection also features these men's straight leg denim jeans for £139.

According to the Made By Dave website, these two-tone brown saddle shoes retails for £249.

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