In pictures: British holiday habits through the decades

There's no doubt that British tourists' holiday habits have changed a great deal over the last century.

A combination of factors, including economic shifts, technological advances and cultural revolutions have transformed the way we travel and the destinations we visit, making holidays in 2016 a luxury compared to in the 1920s.

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Innovation and increased competition have played a huge role in making holidays abroad more accessible. And with 70 per cent of Britons now taking up to three international holidays a year the desire to travel shows no signs of slowing down.

With the help of Travelzoo, we thought we'd take a look back at how holidays have changed over the decades.

From post-war staycations at UK beach resorts to all-inclusive holidays in Europe taking off, see how travel today compares to a century ago.

Looking ahead, the possibilities are exciting and endless, with space travel and revolutionary flights across the world and futuristic hotels on the cards.

"We are already seeing aviation developments that could make supersonic flights a reality for the masses and robots being used in the hospitality industry to improve the customer experience," says Louise Hodges at Travelzoo.

Browse photos of holidays through the decades and leave a comment to give us your predictions for the future of travel below.