Rude '66' registration plates banned by DVLA

When each new registration is released, the DVLA is forced to disallow a number of plates that are deemed inappropriate, and the second set of 2016 is no exception, with DO66 ERS and OR66 ASM among those banned.

Every year two new registrations are released – in March and September. The first two letters of the numberplate indicate the location of the car's registration, while the two numbers denote the vehicle's age. The final three letters are randomly selected.
Of course, these combinations can sometimes make for amusing or inappropriate words, and sharp-eyed officials are forced to remove them from sale.

So far in the '66 set, those removed include DA66 GER, DO66 ERS, MU66 OFF, MU66 GER, MU66 GAR, MU66 HYM, MU66 HER, OR66 ASM, OR66 SMS, DO66 NNG, DR66 GGS, DR66 GGY and GO66 BLE.

If a registration slips through the DLVA's checking system and is sold, the Swansea-based licensing authority even has the power to force drivers to hand the plate back.

spokesman commented: "The reasons for banning a plate can be based on political, racial and religious concerns.

"The DVLA has a proprietary steering group, which meets at least twice a year to review the appropriateness of registration numbers."

With the registrations for 26 million cars in their keeping, the DVLA no doubt sees a large number of these comic and inappropriate registrations. It also holds its own sale of personalised plates after each registration set is released, some of which can make tens of thousands of pounds.
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