Motorist in classic Back to the Future DeLorean caught speeding

It's a classic Back to the Future fact that once a DeLorean reaches the magic speed of 88mph, something exciting happens. Only, in motorist Nigel Mills' case, what happened was that he was issued with a speeding ticket – a far cry from Doc Brown and Marty McFly's time travel.

The 55-year-old was clocked at 89mph on the A12 in Essex in his £22,000 classic sports car on November 15 last year.
He recently appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court after appealing against the fine, and following the quashing of his conviction due to lack of evidence, Mills made light of the incident.

"I was being prosecuted for going 89mph in a DeLorean, [but] wasn't something meant to happen at 88mph?" the Brentwood resident told the Daily Mail.

"It was at 11am on a Sunday and the road was completely clear. I saw the guy with the speed gun and thought I had checked my speed. I can honestly say I was not trying to time travel."

Mills went on to explain that he had decided to get the ticket cancelled after receiving it on the same day a group of travellers set up a camp in the car park of his company.

"I'm a guy who pays his taxes and sticks to the law, but I'm stuck at work with travellers in the car park and the police won't touch them," he said.

"Why should I pay this speeding fine while they get away with it?"

Mills managed to achieve the outcome he wanted. The case was thrown out because the officer who caught him was on specialist duties and unable to provide evidence.

A spokesperson for Essex police commented: 'The procedural issue here is regrettable. However, Essex Police wants to make it clear we do not tolerate excessive speeds or poor driving on our roads."
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