Lorry driver smashes through migrant barricade

Dramatic footage has shown the moment a lorry ploughed through a makeshift roadblock constructed by armed migrants on a Calais-bound road.

Posted on YouTube earlier this week with the caption 'Here's how the refugees are trying to stop a truck get to the UK', the video is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by lorry drivers travelling through Calais.
The lorry driver was travelling along an empty carriageway in the dark when he came across the blockade.

The mobile phone footage shows as the armed migrants swarm the front of his vehicle in the hope that he will slow to a stop, enabling them to jump aboard.

Instead, he sounds his horn and continues, ploughing through what appears to be a small tree laid across the road.

Karol Bogusiewicz, who shared the footage, explained that the driver was travelling from the eastern Polish city of Chelm at the time.

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