World's most most luxurious hotel?

Is this the most luxurious hotel ever?

Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel that would make Donald Trump or Marie Antoinette jealous? Soon you can, if you travel to The 13 in Macau, China.

The 13 has been developed by Stephen Hung and has enough bling to make even those with the most luxurious tastes fall back in awe.

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Don't expect to be able to book into a room though because at The 13, they only have villas.

The biggest one measures up at a staggering 30,000 sq ft.

Not only will guests be staying in luxury, they will also be travelling in style.

The hotel company has made the single biggest Rolls Royce order in history, purchasing 30 Phantoms in red.

These pricey cars will be used to chauffeur the hotel's clientele around.

Naturally each guest will be given their own butler and also access their villa through a private elevator.

If you're looking to relax after a long day of luxury then you can do so in style, with friends, because the Roman bath comfortably fits eight people.

Weird and wonderful hotels around the world
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Weird and wonderful hotels around the world
If you're looking for somewhere unusual to stay while in China, what could be better than a hotel that is literally set on the water. The Sheraton Huzhou boasts a unique half ring shape with stunning views over Lake Taihu. Huzhou is one of China’s four major silk-producing cities.
Hotel Ještěd sits atop the highest point in Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge region and combines a hotel, restaurant and television transmitter all in one building. The unusual shape of the property means that visitors are granted a one of a kind experience, sitting 'above the clouds' and they eat and sleep.
9 Hours Capsule Hotel offers the bare essentials for what you need to make an overnight stay a success - shower facilities, sleeping pods and an area to get dressed. Those behind the 9H concept have calculated that all this takes just nine hours, and guests can choose from three services: stay, nap and shower.
The Inntel Hotels in Zaandam don't just boast a visually stunning exterior, their interiors are just as pleasing to the eye. The four-star hotel represents the traditional style of houses found in the Zaan region but in this case, they're stacked on top of one another. The hotel is just 12 minutes from Amsterdam's iconic city centre by train.
The Sun Cruise Resort can be found perched on the cliffs at Jeongdongjin and is the world's first on-land cruise themed resort. Thanks to its coastal position this bizarre hotel is known for the stunnign sunset views it offers.
If spectacular views of Amsterdam are what you're looking for then maybe a night in one of the three luxurious suites atop a 50m high crane. Crane Hotel Faralda is also home to a broadcasting TV studio and the three suites sit between 35 and 50m in the air.
Ever spent a night on a private island? Well you can now thanks to Spitbank Fort in Gosport. The property, which used to be a naval defence site, is home to nine suites, a hot tub and even a sauna for guests to indulge in. 
If you think tree houses are just for kids then think again because the Free Spirit Spheres are here to prove you wrong. This tree house resort for adults is situated in the coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island and has three hanging spheres on offer for overnight rental.
The Aurora Express is certainly a one-off bed and breakfast experience. The accommodation consists of authentic Alaska Railroad cars that have been renovated to represent different periods through history. The trains also have the benefit of fantastic views over the Tanana Valley and the Alaska Mountain Range.
While sleeping in a wigwam may not sound like the most luxurious way to enjoy your holiday, the tents at the Wigwam Motel in Arizona have a full bathroom, double beds and even heating!
La Balade des Gnomes boasts ten bedrooms based around famous fairytales and one of them can even be found in side a Trojan horse replica! Other features include a room where you can sleep in a boat! The hotel can be found in a quaint 17th century town in Durbury, Belgium.
The Costa Verde hotel is home to a range of accommodation types including a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 plane. The plane juts out of the jungle treetops granting guests stunning views of the surrounding area.
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