Video shows crash between two lorries in China

Dramatic footage has emerged from China showing the moment two articulated lorries collided at a junction on a near-empty road.

Caught from a number of different angles, the crash in Chuzhou, Anhui Province, appears to have been caused by one, or both of the drivers running red lights.
In the video, the red-trailered truck is seen crossing the junction, before an equally fast-moving lorry collides with the side of it. The impact sends the blue vehicle crashing onto its side, bursting its trailer open and spilling its cargo to the ground.

The red truck, meanwhile, careers across a pedestrian crossing, forcing a scooter rider to slam on the brakes to avoid being hit.

Photos of the scene after the collision shows the damaged vehicles, with the blue vehicle appearing significantly worse off.

Both drivers were injured in the crash, which took place on September 3, but are reported to be recovering well.
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