Is an active wellness holiday right for you?

It could be the relaxing break you need...

Presented By Robinson Holidays

Whether your idea of a break is a week of spa pampering, daily yoga classes or working up a sweat in a spin class, if you're looking for something more from your holiday than lying on a sun lounger, an activity break could give you a wellbeing boost that will leave you feeling happier and healthier.

Not only are active wellness breaks the hottest new holiday trend, taking time away from life's pressures is fun and totally vital for your physical and mental health. Having a healthy holiday that combines wellbeing with activities will help you recharge, unwind and de-stress, which in turn will lower blood pressure, promote a better night's sleep, improve concentration and mood as well as fighting fatigue even when you're back in the office.

There are lots of options out there for health and wellness breaks, but if you're looking for an all round experience, an all-inclusive provider – such as ROBINSON Club – could be the ideal solution if you're looking for an experience that will leave mentally and physically refreshed.

Offering a wealth of activities from pilates to tennis and spa treatments (all served up with delicious food in some of the world's most stunning locations from Spain to the Maldives), ROBINSON will help you unwind even before you've stepped onto a yoga mat or slipped into the sauna at any one of the 24 clubs across the globe.

After working up an appetite after a day in downward dog or sweating in a sauna, there is a mouth-watering selection of fresh, tasty, locally dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared to provide your body with exactly what it needs. The dishes are designed with wellness in mind; the specially prepared dishes are high in protein, low in fat and designed to boost serotonin - otherwise known as the happy hormone.

ROBINSON Club Quinta da Ria in Portugal with its panoramic views of the Atlantic is a perfect pit stop for couples and solo travellers looking for the blissful combination of wellness and fitness activities - think a session of beach yoga followed by a Finnish sauna.

With its friendly inclusive vibe, Spain's ROBINSON Club Cala Serena, tucked into a beautiful bay, is great for solo travellers. With a large WellFit® Spa, there are trainers, masseurs, physiotherapists, and beauticians on hand to soothe away any remaining worries - you'll have a tough time choosing between the massage table, recharging in the sauna, unwinding in the 25metre pool or toning up in a Pilates class.

On the other hand, ROBINSON Club Maldives is the ultimate romantic break, where you and your partner can find deep relaxation amid the stretches of white beach and coral reefs with yoga classes and Body and Mind courses.

Mixing fun with an infectiously positive and open minded atmosphere, ROBINSON Clubs aren't just good for you, they're good for the earth. Their compassionate and passionate approach to your holiday extends to all areas with its commitment to making a better world - whether it's for two days, two weeks or even further into the future.

If you're looking to come back from your break with more than just a tan, a restorative active holiday will leave you glowing from the inside out.