Cold Feet sparks Manchester vs Birmingham row over UK's second city

Cold Feet returned after 13 years to rave reviews last week, but has now managed to alienate Birmingham on only its second run out.

And as Brummie viewers will tell you, that's quite a big deal, given their status as the UK's second city...

Cold Feet Angela, James and Eddie
Angela makes the gaffe while talking to James and Eddie (ITV)

The Manchester-set comedy drama included a scene in last night's episode where Adam's (James Nesbitt) new wife Angela (Karen David) was talking to her father (Art Malik) about moving to the city from Singapore, and referred to it as the UK's second city.

People from Birmingham were outraged.

Of course, it then kicked off a Brummies vs Mancs online war.

Birmingham did get a mention later when Art's character Eddie Zubayr turned up with a takeaway at Karen's (Hermione Norris) house, declaring Manchester as having the "best baltis this side of Birmingham" - but it was too little, too late for the Brummies.

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