Snake emerges from engine bay and slithers up car's windscreen

A snake caused terror after crawling from a fast moving car's engine bay and slithering across the windscreen.

Mobile phone footage taken by Gaby McCloskey in Australia shows the yellow reptile emerging from under the bonnet and being whipped around by the wind, much to the car's occupants' shock.
After the car slows, the snake manages to regain its composure, and advances across the bonnet as the couple ponder how to remove it.

In one swift motion, the small snake shoots up the windscreen, eliciting a muffled scream from the female passenger.

Her fear soon turns to bemusement as the snake attempts to enter the car via the driver's window.

"Holy hell, he's going to try and get in," she exclaims. "And he's looking at you, like 'help me!'"

Her partner curtly tells her to "shut the f**k up" while he drives, after which the video concludes with the snake still on the car.

McCloskey shared the video to YouTube, adding that: "No snakes were harmed in this video, snake was off and happy back into nature."

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