Poor parking leaves car hanging from the ninth floor

A driver had an incredibly lucky escape after a botched parking attempt left his SUV dangling from the ninth floor of a Texas car park.

The 24-year-old man was parking on the high level of Austin's Littlefield parking garage shortly after 2:30pm on Friday when he lost control and shot through the safety barriers.
Amazingly, one of the guide wires wrapped around a wheel of the heavy car and brought what would have been a terrifying plunge to a premature halt.

Despite the car dangling vertically, metres above the ground, the driver managed to scramble to safety and walk away.

The 2004 Toyota Forerunner wasn't so lucky, however. After being painstakingly lowered down by fire fighters, the written-off car was removed by a transporter, while spilt fuel and broken glass were cleaned from the scene.
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