Koala invades pitch during football match

Koala invades football pitch
Koala invades football pitch

Some things only happen in Australia.

Maneena Roberts was watching her son play in the grand final match with the Noosa Lions Football Club in Queensland when one of Australia's native animals stole the show.

A koala was suddenly spotted streaking across the pitch as the teams were set to resume the match on 9 September.

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Roberts said the match was intense as fans cheered on their teams, but that the serious mood immediately dissipated as soon as the curious koala came strolling about.

"It lightened the whole crowd... everyone was laughing and enjoying the koala," Roberts told Storyful.

A few of the boys playing can be seen running alongside the animal trying to encourage it to leave the pitch.

Eventually one of the boys perseveres and takes the Australian animal all the way to the sidelines, where it hesitates briefly before running off the end of the pitch.