Fans can finally breathe as Helen goes free on The Archers

It was one seriously tense hour.

As a jury debated whether The Archers' Helen was guilty of trying to kill her evil husband Rob, listeners had to turn to the booze. There was even talk of a Xanax...

Many fans said they almost couldn't stand to listen.

The Archers' Rob Titchener, voiced by Timothy Watson, and Helen Archer, voiced by Louiza Patikas
The Archers' Rob and Helen (Pete Dadds/BBC)

But finally the verdict was in, and as Helen was declared innocent on all counts, Twitter went CRAZY.

As Helen's family broke down, the tears flowed at home.

But not everyone is relaxing...

Several fans were questioning where the couple's son Henry has got to.

Others have started the ponder what sort of revenge will befall Rob.

But the main thing still bothering Twitter fans is whether Rob will now be charged with assaulting Helen?

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