Lady Gaga cried her heart out over new record

Lady Gaga has revealed that she spent the first day working on her new record - which she wrote on a typewriter - in tears.

The emotional singer welled up - and couldn't stop - because producer Mark Ronson showed so much "love" during the recording process.

"The first day in the studio with Mark I cried almost the entire day. I was just so overwhelmed with excitement," she said.

Lady Gaga (Jonathan Short/AP/Press Association Images)
Lady Gaga (Jonathan Short/AP/Press Association Images)

Mark told Gaga to sit at the piano and sing what she wanted to sing about.

"It was just so overwhelming to have that love and experience I just cried all day long," the Poker Face star said.

Gaga said of the emotional impact of writing her own songs: "I have a therapist. When I leave the therapist's office I feel really, really great.

"When I'm writing music I don't always feel that way. It's a bit like open heart surgery."

Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson (Ian West/PA)

Gaga said that she wrote lyrics for her new single, Perfect Illusion - created with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and Mark - on a typewriter.

The star has previously posted images of the vintage Underwood portable typewriter online.

"We stripped everything away. I sat at the piano, Kevin was on guitar, Mark was on the bass," she said.

"We played through it, changed the melody, shifted it.

"I work on a typewriter and we would bounce new lyrics back and forth."

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