Elephant brings baby calf to sanctuary that rescued her

Galana was raised at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

Orphaned elephant brings baby calf back to wildlife trust

Former orphaned elephant Galana returns to visit her every few months, but this time she brought a surprise with her.

Meet Gawa, Galana's first baby girl!

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New mother Galana was raised at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after being discovered along, weak and fragile in the Kenyan bush.

She was released to the wild in 2011 after being nurtured and taken care of.

Since then she's always made her way back to the Trust every so often to check in with them.

Earlier this month she shocked the staff at the Trust when she turned up with a baby calf in tow.

The Trust shared the exciting news on Facebook with a number of adorable pictures of the mother and daughter pair.

They posted the images along with a caption which said: "Join us in celebrating a new life.

"Imagine the surprise for our Ithumba Keepers when yesterday, at the break of dawn, a new baby born to now wild living orphan Galana was revealed!

"There they both were, waiting outside the stockades, the baby born just hours before under the cover of darkness."

But it wasn't just the humans that were excited by the new arrival, Galana's fellow elephant showed their joy by trumpeting and stomping around the site.

Gawa was the name given to the little calf and it means 'to share' in Swahili.

Pictures of baby elephants

Pictures of baby elephants