Car rescued from beach after test-drive goes horribly wrong

Who wouldn't want to take their new car for a spin? Unfortunately for one motorist, a late-night test drive along the beach ended in near disaster.

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According to BBC News, the man was driving his Daihatsu Terios mini 4x4 along Prior's Haven in Tynemouth on Wednesday evening, when it got stuck in soft sand and caught on a piece of driftwood.

Luckily, four members of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade managed to pull the vehicle to safety - along with the driver, his passenger, thought to be his partner, and a dog - shortly before dawn.

A spokesman for the brigade said the motorist had only purchased the 14-year-old car the day before.

While there was no imminent danger of it being swept out to sea, the vehicle had become stuck below the high water line so needed to be removed before it became a potential hazard to boats.

Peter Lilly, captain of the brigade, said: "The sand on the beach is notoriously soft. The back wheels became wedged on a piece of wood."
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