Watch the moment a murder suspect escaped from a police station through the ceiling


A murder suspect in a Las Vegas police station has staged a daring escape through the ceiling of the room he was held in.

Alonso Perez had been arrested on suspicion of murder, discharging a firearm into a building, grand larceny auto and, ironically, escape.

The suspected felon looks around sheepishly in the video, before breaking his handcuffs off. He then seems surprised at first to have broken the cuffs, before feigning sleep to disguise himself from an onlooker.

Las Vegas police look at cuffs in a slideshow
Local police assessed the cuffs after the incident (John Locher/AP)

After a quick look around the room to assess his options, including a tap to check if the wall is hollow, Perez makes a break for it through the drop ceiling.

Perez was later apprehended but only after it took detectives 40 minutes to notice he was gone. North Las Vegas chief of police Alexander Perez admitted to KSNV News3LV that although the incident was filmed, no-one was watching the feed.

Police Chief Perez headshot
Police chief Alexander Perez happens to share the second name of the escapee (John Locher/AP)

"We are very aware mistakes were made," said Mr Perez.