Did he drop the C-bomb? Social media in hysterics over CBeebies presenter's misheard lyric

A mother was left stunned after mishearing the words of a song sung by Chris Jarvis on a CBeebies programme, and the response on social media has been that of mass hilarity.

The musical interlude in question saw the long-running presenter singing playfully about a "fluttering kite", but Lyndsey Mann mistook the word "kite" for c***, and she quickly shared her shock online.

Chris Jarvis
Chris Jarvis (left) is a long-running CBeebies presenter (Guy Levy/PA Images)

She posted a clip of the segment - taken from Show Me Show You, which airs at 10.30am - online, and it has been viewed on her Facebook page over 3.2 million times.

The official CBeebies Facebook page then responded to the stunned mum: "It's kite everyone, kite! We make shows for your little ones so it's always going to be kite."

A BBC spokesperson told Press Association: "When you watch the full programme it is obvious that Chris says kite."

Lyndsey spoke to The Sun about the clip shown on the popular children's channel.

She said: "I wasn't really taking any notice of what was on the telly, which was on while I was tidying up, but then I just heard that word, so I rewound the show because I couldn't believe it.

"And then every time I replayed it, I just couldn't hear anything but that word. At first I thought it was really funny because it was just a shock, but if my little girl who's two starts saying that in public it's going to make me look really bad, so it's upsetting and quite annoying - she wouldn't know any difference."

The clip has now gone viral, and has caused quite the storm of hilarity on Twitter: even former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill got involved.

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