Careful cat caught on camera using zebra crossing

A careful cat intent on keeping all of his nine lives intact has taken to crossing a busy road in the safest possible manner, by using a pedestrian crossing.

The cat's humanlike behaviour was caught on chauffeur Justin Scrutton's dashcam in Dartford, Kent, on Sunday afternoon.

As he approached the crossing, he noticed the cat on the edge of the pavement and slowed to a stop. A car on the opposite side of the road did the same, at which point the clever moggy stepped out onto the road and began to cross.

Applauding as the cat continued on his journey, Scrutton, who runs transfer business Justin Time Travel, exclaimed 'spot on!'

Speaking to the News Shopper newspaper, the 44-year-old said: "I just approached the zebra crossing and looked both sides as you do, in case there was a child.

"I thought is the cat going to run out? He was looking at me, waiting for me so I slowed down."

"Both cars stopped and the cat looked both ways, he thought 'it's my turn' and crossed.

"He stayed in the line of the zebra crossing the whole way across. He has obviously done that before, it was very sweet."
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