The bizarre things people will pay you to do

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Sometimes it's hard to find a traditional role where you have all the right skills and experience. Fortunately, however, there are people who will pay you to do all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs - and some of them are bound to come naturally. We reveal five unusual opportunities.

1. Play with their children
This job isn't the same as being a nanny, because the Belgravia family advertising in this instance already have a nanny for their four children (three boys aged 9,8 and 3 and a girl aged 6). Instead this £600-a-week live-in job is for a "Live-In Children's Companion and Assistant"

The job advert says: "The family are looking for an energetic, sporty and well organised individual who likes to travel and keep themselves informed to mentor and be a role model to their four children."

2. Declutter their home
If you can't face tidying your home, a professional will come along, talk to you about how to clear a room, work with you while you do it, take the rubbish away, and arrange for unwanted items to be collected by a local charity. The only downside is an impressive cost. You'll pay around £28 an hour - which means it might cost you £121 to clear your living room. Does that sound like the kind of thing you could do?

3. Teach their children to sleep
There's a growing body of postnatal sleep consultants out there to help with any issues a baby, toddler or child is having. Apparently all that's required is a 3-4 hour chat about the child's sleep issues, followed by up to four nights when the expert goes to the child's house to teach them to sleep. Costs start at around £18 per hour or £250 per 24 hours.

4. Open their door
Admittedly being a butler requires a bit more than this - but not an enormous amount. This role in Mayfair pays £600 and is for a live-out butler. The advert says: "You will be responsible for overseeing any contractors, answering the telephone and door, taking messages and greeting and serving guests. You will work alongside the Chef, Housekeeper and Driver, so someone who enjoys team work is important."

Other roles including setting lunch out, clearing it away, and serving anyone refreshments when they want them. It adds: " The family travel fairly extensively during ½ terms and school holidays and so there is quite a bit of down time."

5. Name their child
This isn't just a name, it's the brand that will shape their child's life. As a result Switzerland-based naming agency Erfolgswelle will now name a child - for a cost of just $29,000. Cleary there's a gap in the market in the UK.

But it doesn't stop here. You can essentially find people who will pay you to do absolutely any task you could possibly name, through services like Task Rabbit. Here people input the jobs they can't face, and the sum of cash they are willing to pay for it, and you offer to do the ones you fancy.

It means you can be paid to do someone's grocery shopping, flatpack assembly, writing thank you notes, and a host of things you would never have thought of.

A recent Quora post asked people for the strangest tasks they had ever seen on Task Rabbit, and some of the oddities included:

Please drive me to take my driving test, and if I fail, drive me home.
Please bring a tall ladder to my home, climb up and stop my smoke alarm from beeping
While I'm out of town, please move my car so it won't get parking tickets
Be an extra for a meeting (just sit there in business attire, looking busy)
Wrap my co-worker's desk in cellophane

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