Meat Loaf's bad back is so painful he feels like he's being stabbed by Norman Bates in Psycho

Meat Loaf has revealed he is suffering with a back injury that "hurts like hell".

The Bat Out Of Hell singer said he has a pinched nerve and that standing up is extremely painful.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live's Colin Paterson and Sam Walker, he said: "It doesn't hurt when I'm sitting but when I stand up it's like I'm in Norman Bates' movie, Psycho.

"In it I'm being stabbed by Norman Bates.

"It hurts like hell."

Meat Loaf (Charles Dharapak/AP/PA)
Meat Loaf (Charles Dharapak/AP/PA)

He added: "We're going to see doctors in a couple of weeks."

The 68-year-old sparked fears for his health in June, when he collapsed on stage during a concert in Canada.

He said: "Well that had nothing to do with the pinched nerve.

"It was hydration, dehydration - that was all it was."

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