Man films himself taking the shortest Uber journey ever

The Uber ride-sharing app has helped to revolutionise the way we travel across big cities. At the tap of an app, customers can call a car to their location and get a lift to wherever they want to go.

One man decided to find out how an Uber driver would react if he asked to be taken just a few metres down the road. In fact, he stood outside his house and gave the address of his next door neighbour.
YouTube personality James Ware ordered the car and told the driver "it's just here, I had a bit of a leg injury, sorry." As he climbs out of the car he promises to give the driver a five-star rating.

After filming the stunt in London, Ware says that he should get the Guinness World Records team to come down and measure the distance. "I reckon it was about three-and-a-half metres," he jokes.
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