Woman set fire to car she thought belonged to her ex-lover

Woman Thought She Set Her Ex's Car on Fire but It Wasn't His

A Floridian woman was caught on camera setting fire to a Honda she thought belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

Florida Police arrested Carmen Chamblee, 19, on Saturday and charged her with second-degree arson after she set fire to a rag and placed it in the fuel tank.Filmed in Clearwater, victim Thomas Jennings was made aware of the attack by his roommate, with the pair trying to put out the flames with pots of water. Unfortunately, the Honda Civic was completely gutted out and was beyond repair.

Jennings said he had never seen Chamblee before, who was seen adding paper and flammable liquid to the blaze to make sure the vehicle went up in smoke.

According to online records, Chamblee was taken to Pinellas County Jail on Saturday evening before appearing in front of a judge on Sunday morning, where she was also held for possession of marijuana.

Written by Jack Healy
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