Tulisa Contostavlos says she is 'in a relationship with her dog' as she sets sights on a comeback

Tulisa Contostavlos is hoping to get back on track after her "blackout period".

The former N-Dubz singer and X-Factor judge has been hit by a series of scandals, including an assault charge in 2013 and a drunk driving incident last year.

Tulisa Contostavlos
Tulisa Contostavlos in 2013 (Jonathan Brady/PA)

She was also in the headlines when an ex-boyfriend released a sex tape, and was arrested by police on suspicion of supplying class A drugs - a case which was later dismissed.

Tulisa, 26, says she is now trying to get her career back on track, releasing a new version of the 90s hit Sweet Like Chocolate.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, she explained: "I call it the blackout period. It's just something that is part of the journey, part of life. Made me into who I am, but I'm also at a place where I would rather forget.

Tulisa Contostavlos pictured after a previous court hearing
Tulisa Contostavlos was fined following her conviction (Anthony Devlin/PA)

"It's difficult as well, because obviously now, when people think of Tulisa, all of that comes in the background."

She added: "There's got to be a point where you put up a bit of a guard, where you've got to let it go over your head otherwise you'll drive yourself insane. So I tend to just not think about it."

Tulisa revealed there was no romance in the Contostavlos household - except between her and her pet.

"I'm literally in a relationship with my dog," she said. "Honestly it's just me and her at the moment. I'm a pet person."

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, she addressed the assault charge, saying: For legal reasons I don't want to go into it, but I appealed it for a reason. It didn't happen."

The pop star admitted she regretted the sex tape, joking with Susanna: "Of course, wouldn't you!"

On drink driving, she confessed to feeling guilty.

She said: "Yes, I made a mistake. I openly admit that. I messed up, and I've paid the price."

Tulisa also explained that she embraces cosmetic enhancement because her body is a "shell".

Two years ago, the singer sparked headlines after appearing with a puffy face.

Tulisa outside court
Tulisa looked different during her court case (PA)

"It was fillers and I had an allergic reaction and looked like Finding Nemo," she told Morgan.

"It does frustrate me a little bit, because I do understand from an outside point of view, someone looking in must go, 'Why did you try to do that in the first place? Are you unhappy with yourself, have you got issues?' And I feel pretty detached from this, this for me is a shell.

"The person that I am inside is very separate to me from this... you can get a bit carried away, and then I had the reaction and it was like ooh what have I done. But luckily it was all temporary so it dissolved."

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