Piers Morgan challenges 12-year-old trophy hunter

Piers Morgan challenges 12-year-old trophy hunter

Piers Morgan went head to head with a 12-year-old trophy hunter on who has been posting sickening pictures of her big game kills on social media.

The Good Morning Britain host talked to Aryanna Gourdin and her father Eli, who both appeared on the show wearing T-shirts that read: "Stand up to anti-hunter bullying."

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Aryanna vowed that she would never stop hunting in footage that we first saw at the Mirror.

Aryanna has sparked fury over her photographs that show her happily posing next to majestic animals that she has just killed, including a bear, zebra and a giraffe.

When asked about death threats she has received online, Aryanna said: "It won't stop me hunting. I will always hunt. It's something that thousands of people do and it's never going to stop."

In a bid to try and make Aryanna and her father Eli understand that what they are doing is despicable, Piers asked how they would feel if someone went in their house and killed their pet cat.

Eli said: "That's a trick question! We have never killed a pet. That's a derogatory question and it falls into the same category as the death threats. We would never think to kill somebody's pet!"

In response to the clip, one YouTuber wrote: "So killing a cat is a monstrosity but killing a giraffe is so cool. Dumb people. Excellent Piers Morgan."

Piers has retweeted links about the interview, and also responded to one Twitter user, writing: "It sickens me."

In response to that tweet, Lord Alan Sugar wrote: "Agreed the kid was a smug looking brat."

Piers then retweeted this and wrote: "I blame the father."

Indeed, when Eli revealed that the pair get "hunters' remorse" after taking a life, Piers said: "With respect, there's not a shred of remorse in her picture. You've clearly influenced her into doing this.

"When you say you have remorse, where is it? Because from where I'm sitting, there's a sickening sense of triumphalism."

According to the Express, Piers continued: "The real thing that gets people going - and I don't think you've fully grasped it - is the pictures. It's the trophy pictures. You're putting your daughter in a very difficult position.

"It's completely disconnected to the hunting process: the pictures look sickening to anyone who values these great animals.

"If, as you say, there's genuine hunters' remorse, why rub peoples' noses in it? Why not just do it in private, why parade it with your young daughter?"

Eli said that his daughter has been pictured saying "prayers" over the animals and that the pictures show the animals are "valued".

Piers said: "It's the trophy pictures which incense people, it's the celebration of the slaughter and when you hear them say there's remorse, I don't see that."

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