Pickup truck driver berates motorist after three-car collision

A pickup driver has been caught on camera shouting at another motorist after a minor collision in Syndey.

According to reports, the recording car's driver has recently picked up a passenger when the video begins. As they drive towards the entrance to the Anzac Bridge, a Lexus driver decides to switch lanes.
The last minute decision sets off a nasty chain reaction. The car with the dashcam appears slow to react to the move, while the Lexus driver is caught in two minds about whether to pull across. Both cars come to an abrupt stop.

A rear-mounted camera shows a pickup truck driving quickly up the inside lane before cutting across as the road splits. Suddenly faced with two stationary cars, the driver can't take avoiding action and makes contact.

After the crash, the Lexus driver can be heard inexplicably blaming the driver of the dashcam vehicle. However, the pickup driver makes it clear he blames the guy in the Lexus: 'You caused this, end of f***ing story,' he shouts.

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