Industries poised to be taken over by robots

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10 Industries Poised To Be Taken Over By Robots

Advances in technology and robotics have certainly made a number of jobs easier.

However, the scale at which automation is occurring and advancing goes far beyond specific tasks and titles. Here are 10 industries that are edging towards a robot takeover.

10. Transport

Driverless cars seem like an inevitability, and many experts believe the automatic option won't stop with personal vehicles. City buses and even planes are predicted to someday be entirely self-operating.

9. Accounting

With so many computer programmes capable of covering common needs, such as bookkeeping and tax filing, the outlook for human employment in the field is not deemed a stable one.

8. Restaurants

There are already mechanical hands capable of making food and bartender bots that can mix up a mean drink. While a number of restaurants have already replaced some jobs with technological creations, the head of Carl Jr.'s has expressed a keen interest in kicking human workers to the curb completely.

7. Retail

The tough truth is that due to the low wages being offered for some positions, people just aren't showing enough interest in taking them. Automation is becoming a necessity for some stores, particularly at the point of sale stations.

6. Security

Between surveillance systems, sophisticated alarms, and computer-aided means of keeping people out, human presence is no longer the only criminal deterrent option. One company is even building robots capable of roaming about and handling trouble.

5. Financial Advising

A computer and the right algorithm working together can process and analyze an immense amount of data and dispense predictions and advised actions quickly and constantly. For investors with fairly straightforward needs, those capabilities are proving more than ample.

4. Telemarketing

NPR gives this industry a 99% chance of succumbing to complete robot domination. The robocaller adopted by so many companies is proving to not just be a powerhouse worker, but one that doesn't get upset when people are rude to it.

3. Defense

In early 2014, a US Army General announced that up to a quarter of combat personnel will probably be replaced by robots by 2030. The armed forces have also put a great deal of money and research into developing machines that can assist in missions of various kinds.

2. Hotels

Glimpses of the future can be seen here and there, like the towel delivery robot on duty at the Aloft Hotel in San Francisco. However, those wanting to check out what an almost fully robot-manned place of lodging looks like need only go to the Henn-na Hotel in Japan. There, machines account for 90% of the staff.

1. News

Robot reporters may not be regulars on the shortlist for a Pulitzer, but they have been producing a great deal of content. Major publications and services including the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Forbes already use them to write about weddings, sports, and finance, respectively.

Which industry do you think is most likely to experience a robot takeover?

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