Lena Dunham apologises to New York Giants star

Lena Dunham has apologised to Odell Beckham Jr after she accused the New York Giants star of ignoring her because he found her sexually unappealing.

In a discussion with Amy Schumer about the most recent Met Gala, Lena said she was seated near Odell, who she claimed was looking at his mobile phone instead of her because he found her unattractive.

Lena apologised on Saturday on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, saying she projected her personal insecurities on to the American football star and presented them as facts.

She apologised for making "narcissistic assumptions" about his motivations.

Odell Beckham Jr (Jordan Strauss/AP)
Odell Beckham Jr (Jordan Strauss/AP)

She said she and the New York Giants star had never met and, "after listening to a lot of valid criticism" understands that it is wrong to ascribe misogynistic thoughts to a stranger.

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