Hero dog walker saves two boys from drowning in Bristol river

This is the moment a brave man dashed into a river in Bristol to save two young boys' lives after spotting that they had got into difficulty.

Hero Jay Sheppard was walking his dog with his mum Bridgett and niece in Snuff Mills on Thursday afternoon when they realised that two of the boys playing nearby were in serious trouble.

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Some of the children who had been playing in the shallows of a nearby river had started venturing deeper into the water. But when some of them started shouting and waving, Jay's mum Bridgett knew there was a problem.

She shouted for her son, who dropped everything and ran into the river.

Jay, who works as a healthcare support worker at Southmead Hospital, told the Bristol Post: "It was a river where a lot of children, and maybe dogs, sometimes play.

"We were minding our own business and there were a few lads in the water but we saw they had got into trouble."

He said that it was quiet at the time and his mum started shouting that one of the boys had gone underwater.

"I could only see one of their hands and the other was one was completely underwater," Jay said.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he added: "It all happened very quickly. I just pulled them out and started walking back, out of the water.

"One of them kept saying he was drowning and the other one was coughing up a lot of water. But they looked okay and their relatives took over."

Bridgett captured the incident on camera and after leaving the children with their relatives, Jay went on to work his night shift at the hospital.

Dog Rescued from Sewer
Dog Rescued from Sewer