Spanish cafe offers cheaper coffee to polite customers

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The owner of a cafe on Spain's Costa Brava is offering a new pricing system where impolite customers are forced to pay €5 for a coffee, while those with manners are charged just €1.30.

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Marisel Valencia Madrid got so fed up with rude visitors to her cafe, Restaurant Blau Grifeu, in Llanca, hat she came up with the plan to charge €5 to rude customers, €3.50 to those who say 'please' and just €1.30 for a coffee to anyone who greets their server with a "Buenos dias" first.

One customer took a photo of the cafe's sign and posted it on social media.

Speaking to The Local, Marisel said: "I put a sign in the window with the price system and it has made all the difference. People are now super polite in all matters and it has really improved daily life.

"Yesterday some children even told their parents to say please, so it's working!"

The 41-year-old, from Colombia, added that it was not just Spanish customers who were rude, but also British, French and German tourists visiting the beach resort.


In 2013, a cafe in Nice caused a stir by charging rude customers extra.

The owner erected a sign saying that customers who rudely demanded "Un café" would be charged €7. Those asking for "Un café s'il vous plait" would pay €4.25, and those who managed to say "Bonjour, un café, s'il vous plait" would be charged just €1.40.

The Petite Syrah cafe manager told the Nice-Matin newspaper that he had seen the idea on social media himself, and put it on the sign as a joke. He said that customers saw the funny side.

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