The incredible moment strangers lift a car off an injured child

This is the shocking moment an out-of-control car ploughed into a little girl as she crossed the road, before passers-by worked together to save her.

The horrifying footage was captured in Moscow and shows the 10-year-old crossing the street with her parents.

A Ford Focus owned by a security company charges into the trio, knocking them to the ground. The child was unlucky enough to be punted into the path of the car, which rolled on top of her.

As her parents rushed to her aid, the driver steps out of the hatchback to look beneath his car. No doubt attracted by the commotion, more and more people rush to the scene.

In an impressive show of strength, the group of around 30 people lift the Ford off the little girl and roll it on to its side.

Local media reported that the girl was taken to hospital with concussion and bruises but is expected to make a full recovery.
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