This is the world's longest monster truck

$1M 'Sin City Hustler' Is World's Longest Monster Truck

This is the world's longest monster truck. It's 32 feet long and is worth a whopping $1 million.

You'll probably not be surprised at all to learn that it lives just outside Las Vegas in the Arizona desert. It's known as the 'Sin City Hustler' and stands at 12 feet tall.
The imposing vehicle was built to be the ultimate party limousine and it would take a bold person to argue it's not. The massive interior seats up to 12 passengers.

Thanks to its incredible size and the fact its packed full of everything you need for a wild party, the monster limo weighs in at nearly seven tonnes. That's more than an African elephant!

It was built by retired monster truck racers Brad and Jennifer Campbell. The married couple used parts from old race trucks and the majority of the vehicle was fabricated in-house.
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