Terrifying moment millionaire attacks pensioner in driveway

A multi-millionaire who stepped out in front of a car causing the driver to brake has admitted attacking the motorist after the incident.

The assault was captured on CCTV and shows property developer Iain Hutchinson, 51, punching Jeremy Lyons after climbing a gate into the pensioner's driveway.
The incident was sparked when Hutchinson stepped out in front of My Lyons' car as he pulled into his home. He braked to avoid a collision and alleges the defendant mouthed 'c***' at him.

After Lyons had pulled into his drive, Hutchinson followed him and launched a terrifying attack on the driver. The pensioner attempts to escape as punches continue to be thrown, but is chased around his car.

Hutchinson denies kicking Lyons and claims none of the six punches landed, but has pleaded guilty because he admits dragging him to the ground.

He has been committed to Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for sentencing on a date to be fixed and has been banned by the police from entering the area where the attack took place.

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