Shocking footage shows teenager crashing Nissan GT-R into a Toyota

A video from Singapore shows the moment an 18-year-old crashed a Nissan GT-R into a Toyota Corolla, injuring its driver.

In the video uploaded to Facebook, the young driver can be seen accelerating along a straight road as people watch on the grass verge at the Kallang Leisure Park, which sits in the grounds of the country's national stadium.
The modified vehicle is travelling at high speed when a Toyota Corolla pulls out of a side street into the supercar's path. The GT-R blasts through a stop sign and strikes the front-right wheel of the saloon, causing heavy damage to both cars.

The 65-year-old driver of the Toyota is reported to have suffered rib injuries.

The incident occurred on August 27 and two days later the driver was arrested by police. His driving licence was suspended and his car was impounded.

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