First look at Doctor Who spin-off Class is dark

Doctor Who spin-off series Class has released its first image - and it looks like the scariest thing to hit our screens in a long time.

Filming has wrapped on the new young adult series for BBC Three, and the first-look picture shows two of its stars, Katherine Kelly and Sophie Hopkins, involved in a tense scene.

It's impossible to tell what's happening from this snapshot and the plot has been a closely-guarded secret during its four months in production, but it looks like this is set to be a dark twist on the Whoniverse.

Katherine Kelly and Sophie Hopkins star in Class (BBC)

Former Coronation Street star Katherine plays Miss Quill and looks like she is saying something urgent to Sophie's character, student April, who is wielding an alien weapon at someone - or something - just out of shot.

The scene looks to be taking place in the corridor of setting Coal Hill School, but it's hard to say from the few details shown whether the characters are heroes, villains, or even whether they're on the same side.

All we know is, we can't wait for Class to launch next month. It'll be available online on BBC Three, and air on BBC One.

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