Confused pensioner causes crash after driving wrong way down motorway

Confused Pensioner Drives Wrong Way Down Motorway

A confused pensioner caused mayhem after driving the wrong way down the overtaking lane of the M5 and causing multiple cars to collide.

The motorway had to be closed for three hours after the man in his 70s caused an eight-car pile-up.
Video recorded on the dash cam of another motorist shows the car driving towards oncoming traffic shortly before crashing. The incident occurred in the evening of August 30 2016, despite an incorrect time stamp on the footage saying it was 2012.

Further down the road, seven cars were reported to have taken avoiding action, which resulted in a 'pinball' effect. The elderly man was pulled from his damaged car and taken to hospital with a fractured hip.

Incredibly, no-one suffered life-threatening injuries in the smash. Eyewitness Natalie Ellis told the Daily Mail: 'The aftermath of this was awful. How they all survived is beyond me. I couldn't even tell what one car was it was so battered and crushed.'
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