Driver finds abandoned puppy in 'moving' rubbish bag on road

Watch Mom Bravely Rescue Puppy Trapped Inside Garbage Bag Left As Roadkill

A woman driving to work came across a shocking sight when she saw a rubbish bag moving on the side of the road - and found an abandoned puppy inside it.

Marissa Sergent Lewis, from Kentucky, was on her way to work as a primary school teacher on Thursday when she saw the bag with an animal obviously struggling inside it.

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Malissa shared a video of the moment she came across the dog in the bag on Facebook.

She wrote: "If this is your puppy, let me know. If you are the scoundrel who put it in a garbage bag and tossed it on the side of the're a sicko."

Speaking to the Dodo, she said: "I could hardly wrap my mind around that. Something was alive in that bag, and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out.

"The bag was tied off in a knot, so I carefully tore a corner and looked inside. It was a puppy. And he sure was glad to see me. As soon as I opened it up, and he saw light, he just started wagging his tail. He knew he was OK. I couldn't believe it."

Driver finds abandoned puppy in 'moving' rubbish bag on road

Malissa hopes to keep the dog, but in comments underneath the post, Malissa writes: "We think we've found the owner. Animal Control and Sheriff Department investigating. The boys are in love with him. We've taken him to the vet and he's doing great. I feel like he is safe here with us. We will let them do investigation and go from there."

If the puppy stays with Malissa, he'll certainly have a great home. She said: "We all love the puppy. He's going to be loved, and have a good home with us. I'm just glad I was in the right place at the right time to save him."

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