Bodycam captures moment policeman saves man from burning car

Dramatic body camera footage has captured the moment a police officer came to the rescue of a man trapped in a burning car.

The crash, which claimed the life of the driver, happened in a residential street in Georgia, USA.
The video opens with the emergency call audio from a resident who says there's "a bad wreck outside of my house...this car is gonna blow up, I believe."

Video recorded from a camera strapped to the body of Georgia Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney shows him racing through deserted streets with his blue lights and sirens on to reach the scene of the crash.

After he arrives to find an SUV ablaze, he opens the boot of his car and retrieves firefighting equipment. As he approaches the vehicle, a man can be seen with his head through a rear window, apparently trapped.

The officer makes his way around the vehicle, putting out the fire closest to the trapped man before smashing windows to pull him free.

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