Alex Jones: I don't regret leaving it late to start a family

The One Show's Alex Jones has said she does not regret leaving it late to start a family.

The presenter, 39, married her husband Charlie Thomson in December last year, and they do not have children.

She told Radio Times magazine: "My mum went through the menopause early [at 43], but I don't regret leaving it late.

"I wanted to marry someone who would be a great father. He came along when I was older and now children could happen, which is great."

"You can't rush these things," she added.

Alex Jones and Charlie Thomson
Alex Jones and Charlie Thomson (Ian West/PA)

Alex is currently making a documentary, due to air this autumn, called The Truth About Fertility.

She said: "These days there's pressure on women to have children later and that's where the problem lies. My parents settled down at 24 and had me a year later.

"Surprisingly, some firms pay young women to have their eggs frozen so they can continue working, but none of them would speak to us."

Alex Jones
Alex Jones (Hannah McKay/PA)

The star said while there are plenty of documentaries about whether you should eat sugar or drink alcohol, nobody talks about bringing life into the world.

"Lots of my friends are having conversations about how difficult it is sometimes," she said.

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