The drama between Frankie and Jamie shows no sign of slowing down on Made In Chelsea: South Of France


Things aren't going well at all for Jamie and Frankie on Made In Chelsea: South Of France.

Just as Jamie's not hiding the fact he's happier and more in love with Frankie than ever, rumours are flying around about how interested she is in him - as well as how interested she might be in Jamie's best pal Alex. Ooh.

Cue one seriously awkward chat between the three of them where Alex accuses Frankie of telling him she liked him, Frankie grimacing and denying it, and Jamie just looking incredibly confused and sad. Bless.

jamie frankie and alex talking (Screengrab/E4)

It means Frankie's not that popular with fans at the mo.

People are even swapping sides from thinking Jamie was the bad one.

And as for "bestie" Alex... well, they're not best pleased with him either.

Though he seems to be able to see the funny side.

Come on guys, prove us wrong and let's actually have a happy couple with no drama for once?