White baby baboon stands out from the crowd

Cute as Fluff: White Baby Baboon Stands Out from the Crowd
Cute as Fluff: White Baby Baboon Stands Out from the Crowd

This adorable baby baboon stands out from his troop with his pure white fur.

Experts say the baboon suffers from leucism, a condition that does not affect an animal's health, but instead creates white, pale or patchy skin colours through the partial loss of pigmentation.

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Travel photographer Su Elliot stumbled across the beautifully unique creature, who she's fondly named Albo, in June this year when filming at the Marula Lodge National Park in Zambia.

Leucism doesn't just affect monkeys. It has been know to affect zebras, lions, pigeons and more, unlike albinism, leucism luckily doesn't affect the animals' eyes.

However the boisterous baboon's colouring does make him a target for other baboons and for predators too, luckily his mum keeps a very close eye on him.

This is the second time Su has come across the mischievous baboon and she hopes to track him as he gets older.

Most baboons get darker in colouring with age so there is a chance that this little guy will lose his distinctive white colour as he gets older.