This is what crashing a shopping trolley at 75mph looks like

There's something oddly enjoyable about watching car crash test videos. Seeing how the metal crumples and the crash structures deform is fascinating.

Researchers at Dynamic Test Center (DTC) in Switzerland are responsible for crashing vehicles into other vehicles, walls, and a multitude of other objects to analyse how the cars and trucks perform in an accident.
Their guidance is vital for manufacturers to ensure occupants are as safe as possible in the event of a crash. Naturally, it's pretty serious work.

Then again, controlled destruction is fun. It appears DTC staff agree, too, as they recently uploaded a video that shows in great detail what happens when you crash a shopping trolley at 73mph.

As far as we can tell, there's no real scientific reasoning behind the stunt other than 'we can, so we will'. According to DTC, it also now holds the record for 'the world's fastest shopping cart'.

Sounds like a fun day in the office!

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