Woman helps partner in road rage incident with a bat

A terrifying road rage incident was caught on film, as a woman tried to help her partner by retrieving a baseball bat from their car and charge at their opponent.

The incident occurred in Dewsbury town centre and the video catches the whole fight unfold.
After stopping in the street, the passenger of the red Audi sprints out to attack a man in a black Volkswagen Golf and pulls the driver of the hatchback out of the car.

With both the men scrapping, the female driver of the Audi then pulls a baseball bat out and runs at the VW driver with the object raised.

At this point the camera car driver, Justin Littlewood – a local painter and decorator, ran out to stop the woman before she could cause any damage with the bat.

As the couple retreated to their car, Littlewood said: "I've caught it all on camera" to the male passenger, who swore loudly down the street.

Littlewood told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner: "She had come charging out of the car with the bat but I stood in the way and she just stopped.

"As she went back she was screaming: 'Nick the car, take it!' but then they got in and drove off."

Littlewood also told the Examiner that the incident had been reported to the police.

Written by Jack Healy
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