Viewers turn on Renee Graziano as she compares Bear to cancer in Celebrity Big Brother

Renee Graziano did not mince her words as she attacked Stephen Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Their morning had begun with Bear making breakfast for her and Aubrey O'Day which she promptly threw in the bin, much to the annoyance of viewers.

These beans ended up in the bin (Channel 5)
These beans ended up in the bin (Channel 5)

Although some agreed with her decision.

But Renee really angered viewers when she implied that Bear was "cancer" that needed to be "cut out".

As part of a task, the housemates hosted their own show, during which time Ricky Norwood asked how they all deal with positivity.

Renee said: "It's something I've struggled with at time with the negative thoughts with Bear, so I have a hard time being positive with such a negative person."

Bear said he was
Bear said he was "hurt" to be compared to cancer (Channel 5)

After Bear answered, she added: "I once heard if it's cancer sometimes you have to cut it out."

Bear looked shocked as he replied: "I feel very hurt because I was compared to cancer."

Renee shot back: "What I said is if it's cancer you would have to cut it out. I'm not calling you cancer."

Viewers found her behaviour unacceptable.

Later in the show, she made it very clear to Aubrey that she did indeed mean to call Bear cancer.

Renee said: "His soul is ugly. When I said cancer, he is the cancer. He is f****** cancer. He is the worst form of cancer."

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