Viewers complain Bear's tantrum in the Celebrity Big Brother award ceremony was significantly edited down

It was award night in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which meant cheers, tears and tantrums.

The six finalists voted for who they thought deserved each award, with each having to explain their reasoning.

The housemates held pictures up to vote for the winners (Channel 5)
The housemates held pictures up to vote for the winners (Channel 5)

It was a pretty obvious selection of winners, but all hell broke loose when Frankie Grande was awarded most entertaining.

The news did not go down with Stephen Bear, who clearly thought he deserved that title.

In the episode, viewers saw Bear grab the winner's sash, walk off and refuse to give it back.

While the show showed a very small section of Bear's tantrum, viewers who had watched the live show complained that he had a much longer, more childish tantrum about losing which saw Big Brother frequently intervene to ask him to stop interrupting.

Channel 5 declined to comment on why Bear's full tantrum was not aired in the episode, but viewers clearly thought it was part of a fix to hide his worst behaviour.

It was a shame, because the rest of the ceremony had been going so well.

The first award went to Bear for biggest joker, which seemed fair with his love for wind-ups and pranks.

But then most memorable went to Marnie Simpson, which didn't sit well with viewers.

Most sincere went to Ricky Norwood, who was left in tears by Frankie Grande's kind comments.

Most deserving winner was awarded to Frankie after it came down to a dead heat between him and Bear and was left to Marnie to pick the winner. He also picked up biggest drama queen.

Aubrey O'Day was crowned most attractive and most intelligent, which viewers were quick to defend.

Bear took best dressed, to his evident happiness, and Renee was left crying with gratitude as she was handed most loyal.

"Loyalty is so important. I'll take loyalty over everything!" she said, overcome with emotion.

Although sadly viewers thought she was two-faced.

Will this have any impact on Friday's live final? Watch Channel 5 at 9pm to find out.

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