Biker loses temper at careless driver

Bike loses his temper at careless motorist

A motorcyclist who was dangerously cut up by a careless driver gave chase to let them know exactly what he thought of their driving manners.

In footage filmed on the biker's helmet-cam on Saturday, he is seen pursuing the red Subaru, as it speeds dangerously along the road in Perth, Australia.
When he catches up with the car he shouts to let the occupants know they're on camera, before launching into a tirade of curses and hand gestures.

As his lane splits to the left, he continues on his journey, but not without a number of glances back at the offending motorist.

While we agree that the driver was in the wrong for the original manoeuvre, we can't help but think the motorcyclist's reaction was not particularly well thought through.

In voicing his anger so expressively, his attention was distracted from the road, and from the host of potential hazards clearly visible in the footage.
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