New driverless race car debuts


A brand new driverless race car has been revealed as the next big thing in motorsport.

The Roborace series will be introduced this year as a driverless racing competition, which could spell the end of racing drivers.

In a competition between different artificial intelligence systems, the races will be very similar to the Formula E series with the cars all having the same basic technology and chassis.

The DevBot has one major difference to the final car, as it has a driver's seat so that the teams can fully understand how the car thinks and drives the circuits. The car's final design will lose the cockpit for a sleek design.

Designed by Daniel Simon, who also worked on films Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, the car has a simple tub design but bears a striking resemblance to a Le Mans prototype racing car, although that will change when the season starts later this year.

In the video released by Roborace, we see the new chassis going for a test around the Silverstone International Circuit, Northamptonshire.

Written by Jack Healy